An Island route for Newly Qualified CA (SA)’s…?

Being a newly qualified South African Chartered Accountant and about to make your first real and sometimes most important career move, gaining international experience is often the best as well as most low risk option. So if international, where to? London and the UK is a great option, but maybe the cold weather and rain isn't for you? Australia options are very tough to come by and USA almost impossible besides secondments. Secondments can also be somewhat of a poisoned chalice, doing very, very long hours, 2nd year article work and still paid the rand currency equivalent.

How about considering the Cayman Islands...?

Many positions exist for professionally qualified accountants, particularly those with investment or insurance industry experience (but this is by no means essential). The Cayman Islands recognises most Commonwealth and international accounting designations including South Africa. Perhaps you have
qualified in a top 8 firm but looking to gain Financial Services experience, the Caribbean is certainly a viable option for this. Working with some of the biggest financial banks and institutions worldwide, not something many other working locations can offer for a person coming from mixed client background.

Although the top practice firms that we work with will offer help with relocation costs moving to Cayman may be one of the most exciting decisions of your life but there are a lot of details to consider and take care of before you arrive on the Island, move into your new home, unpack your belongings, start your job and then finally put your feet in the sand. The whole process can be overwhelming but hopefully we can help you feel more comfortable by laying out the steps you will have to take.

The Cayman Islands is quickly becoming one of the shopping meccas in the Caribbean and not just for duty-free items. From the high-end, to surprising bargains and everything in between, a wide range of goods and services can be found locally. Artwork, books, china, cameras, jewelry, watches, household accessories and furniture, to name a few, can be purchased from an array of shopping centres. Fashion lovers no longer have to travel abroad to purchase high-end clothing or accessories, as there are stores offering a wide selection of men’s suits and work wear and a phenomenal selection of swim and resort wear, lingerie and even evening wear, should you need to make an appearance at that gala. Fashionistas preferring a bargain should not lose heart; there are many shops that offer great choices, at very low prices.

If you would be interested in hearing more about possible opportunities in the Cayman Islands, please get in touch via details below.

Emél van Zyl

Head of Recruitment Operations - London 

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